Store fitting room rules

Offering fashionable clothes is not enough. The pure comfort of trying on new clothes is critical. And might work as an important buying impulse. Provide customers with a comfortable and safe space and a good experience at every stage of trying on clothes. Read our article in 3 minutes, apply these store fitting room rules and find out what pro-active solutions are all about.

1. Store fitting room rule: a personal comfort space

Heading for fitting rooms

Jeans, turtleneck and a t-shirt. All together and individually look really good. We are almost sure that we have finally found the perfect clothes, but to confirm the right choice, we go straight to the fitting room …

The moment of truth

… meanwhile, the fitting room welcomes us with its cramped space. It is impossible to change comfortably, let alone see your full self in the mirror. There is also a lack of space for your own belongings. In this situation, the desire to buy quickly turns into irritation, irritation into impatience, and impatience into a negative association with the store. And ultimately, the brand.

Negative impact on customer comfort

In short, the lack of space in the fitting room not only limits the sales potential. It also translates into a negative customer experience. The antidote is simple. A good fitting room should guarantee a space of personal comfort. For this reason, when planning store equipment, it is worth considering the right amount of space that will allow customers to:

• change clothes comfortably
• view in a mirror to see the entire figure
• sit down
• put small personal belongings in a designated space

store fitting room rules to sell more

Customer shopping with family or friends

It is also worth providing a place for a family fitting room. Moms and dads often go shopping with their children. A family dressing room then becomes an additional advantage of the store – especially if it offers clothing for large and small customers. Or for girlfriends on a shopping outing together.

Saving space for fitting rooms simply does not pay off

Some stores limit the space in the fitting room, explaining this by the need to increase the retail space. However, it should be remembered that the comfort of customers is not a whim, but a very important pro-sales element. The conclusions are therefore obvious.

2. Store fitting room rule: it’s about functionality

We like to say that a good and functional store fitting room seals the deal. In short, the idea is for the fitting room to “work” with customers and meet their various needs. From entry, through convenient changing rooms, to a positive experience – even if the clothes turned out to be too small or uncomfortable.

store fitting room rules to improve customer experience

The desirable elements of the store changing room equipment are:

• a sufficiently large mirror, preferably with “sides”. This allows the customer to see the entire silhouette from the front, sides and back

• proper lighting

• a comfortable seat to facilitate sitting down and changing clothes

• hooks for hangers with clothes. There should be enough of them to hang clothes to be tried on, but also your customers own (including a handbag)

• solid and easy door lock that guarantees privacy and security.

Speaking of privacy – it’s worth treating it as one of your priorities. The reason is simple. Nothing discourages you from trying on clothes like clearances, a door ajar or the lack of a door bolt.


Fitting room that provides privacy

The moment when one takes off their clothes and a stranger is looking at them is a situation desirable only by a few 😊.

So, let’s start with store fitting rooms separators in the form of curtains. If we decide on such a solution, we need to make sure that they are tight. Unfortunately, it often happens that the curtain does not reach the end of the wall, and through a smaller or larger gap you can see what is happening inside the changing room. You don’t want to take the risk. Simply provide your customers with the maximum sense of comfort.

A much better solution are fitting rooms equipped with doors closed with a hook, lock or other closure. This aspect is important in every clothing store, especially those that offer underwear and / or swimwear.

Clean fitting rooms are essential

These are not the situations you would like to happen in your stores fitting rooms:
• new pants and… dirty floor!
• stylish jacket straight from the hanger and … stained walls!
• this special moment when we want to see ourselves and … a dirty mirror!
• trying to define the color of the blouse and… the bulb burned out!

This is how you can effectively spoil the effect of the first impression. The solution is very simple. Regular cleaning and systematic store inspections, including fitting rooms zone.

And since we are talking about inspections, let’s quickly create a clear check-list.

Store fitting room rules: store maintenance applies here

What is worth checking? Everything! What exactly?

• The condition of the curtains (tears, stains, slips)
• Condition of the door (hinges, peeling paint, stains and dirt)
• Lighting fixtures status (eg bulbs)
• Condition inside the fitting room (cleanliness, peeling paint, broken hook, etc.)

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