2023 Retail Trends

The e-commerce offensive forces a great evolution of brick-and-mortar stores. And an innovative era of smart furniture!

Stationary stores vs customer experience

2023 retail trends data

First, let’s look at the data. According to the statistics presented in the Global Digital 2022 report, over 192 million Internet users have arrived worldwide. On average, we spend daily nearly 6 hours and 40 minutes online. 31.4% of people make purchases via smartphones and other electronic devices. It’s a fact that e-commerce is becoming even more friendly to potential customers every day. In this situation, stationary stores face great challenges.

Develop or vanish

Thus, shopping habits are undergoing major changes. And expectations towards the traditional retail industry are constantly growing. Retailers need to make traditional shopping more and more appealing to customers. In short, shopping in a brick-and-mortar store and adding products to the basket, trying them on and paying at the checkout should leave a pleasant memory.

2023 retail trends: customer experience vs sales

First impression is a “go”/ “no go”

Retail industry experts have specialist knowledge and awareness of customer preferences. The correlation of the functionality of the store space with purchasing processes is stongly connected. This does not change the fact that many brands introduce solutions that make a visit to a store resemble a visit to a club, SPA or visit to a personalized fashion house.
Elements such as modern lighting, accommodating and user-friendly fitting rooms, functional checkouts or kids corners in stores are slowly becoming “must have” items.
However, the old truth says that whoever does not move forward, goes backwards. This saying is followed by brands that strive to make visits to their stores not only pleasant, but also a unique shopping experience every time.

2023 Retail Trends and customer experience

2023 retail trends: innovative store equipment

Design is not enough, think innovations

Gone are the days when the uniqueness of a brick-and-mortar store was determined only by elements such as music or stylish arrangement of display windows. In order to make traditional interiors more attractive, traditional stores must be more than just a friendly and functional platform for presenting goods.
What are the elements?

Intelligent store fixtures in 2023 retail trends

A space filled with a positive shopping experience

Let’s list some elements in points.

• A creative concept that will combine a comfortable shopping space with an interesting exhibition area and a place where the customer can “experience” the product. In order to create it, close cooperation between the designer and the technologists and the manufacturer of shop furniture is extremely important. Otherwise, the form may begin to dominate the content.

• Intelligent racks and shelves that control the number of products placed on them and report the need to replenish shortages.

• LCD screens in place of the price bar (presentation of short films, photos, advertising slogans and prices).

• Multimedia impulse counters: with space for a more effective display of goods that can be purchased while waiting in line, as well as charging ports, built-in applications or product browsers.

• Stands with screens to personalize purchases

• Smart fitting rooms that display selected clothes, their alternative models and sizes, styles and colors available in the store for a given piece of clothing on a screen installed inside.

In short, the future begins right now. 2023 retail trends and connected innovations are not a whim but a necessity. All this so that shopping in a stationary store can compete with throwing products into the basket in the online version.

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