Retail chain store fixtures

Are you planning to open another store? Thinking about business expansion? Or maybe you just want to invest in new store furniture that sells? Any of these three reasons is good to read this article. And one more thing. You will definitely need a partner to realize your plans. How to choose it? Get into the details! Have a good reading!

Retail chain store fixtures and opening date

Time for a store grand opening…or closing?

Let’s start with the fact that chain stores are governed by their own laws. And any delay in opening them can cost you dearly. This rule applies to every industry and at every latitude. In short, the store equipment on opening day must be complete. Because a false start can result in lost sales. And high image costs. Negative customer experience can hit a retailer in the pocket with the force of a tsunami. And such a cataclysm immediately after opening may turn out to be the first nail in the business coffin. After all, nothing discourages customers from returning to a store like a negative experience.

What do customers pay attention to in the store?

Poor quality of store equipment, terrible lighting, inconvenient fitting rooms or impractical cashdesks will immediately result in posts in social media, the overtones of which will be unambiguous. After all, every sarcastic or malicious comment is a negative selling point. And a brake that blocks the desire to visit the store. The sour fruit of shortcomings related to the equipment of chain stores is also very expensive downtime. Especially in the pre-Christmas period and other “hot” periods of the year in the retail industry.

Retail chain store fixtures – store concept

Flexible consistency of the concept

The equipment of chain stores simply has to be based on a well-thought-out and, above all, coherent concept that will reflect the character of the brand. The common denominator should always be appearance and functionality. Nevertheless, the store concept should be flexible and take into account several variants resulting from e.g. the size and shape of the usable surface.

A space that works for you

In a solid store space concept, the elements such as cash register modules or hot spot furniture will always look identical and meet the assumption regarding functionality. Thus, the variant concept of store equipment will provide the possibility of wise management of the rented commercial space. In practice, this allows you to avoid costly alterations, additional fixtures sourcing or image compromises.

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Retail chain store fixtures – one-stop-shop

 360 services for stores 

Shop equipment is not enough. Buying furniture alone can be compared to investing in a computer without software. A much better option is to choose a complete offer that combines a coherent and well-thought-out concept with professional furniture production and comprehensive services. From fixture manufacture, delivery and installation, through construction and finishing works, to store maintenance.

Choosing a truly comprehensive offer:

  • is the most cost-effective
  • guarantees smooth operation of the store
  • allows you to avoid costly downtime at every stage of the store’s operation.

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Retail store chain fixtures directly from a manufacturer

Shop furniture from the manufacturer

Manufacture and supply of the complete equipment of chain stores and the implementation of all logistics and installation services by one supplier is definitely the best solution. Why? For a number of important reasons. One manufacturer-supplier, as a rule, guarantees:

  • the shortest lead times (access to raw materials, control over the production process)
  • good value for money (optimal solutions within a specific budget)
  • own production and logistics facilities (quality control and shortening of the production process)
  • competitive rates (no margin for intermediaries)
  • pro-active approach to goals, brand character and business needs (partnership flexibility)
  • innovative approach (eg the use of VR technology in the process of prototyping)
  • taking responsibility for all stages of the project
  • ongoing support (after-sales service (e.g. fixture repairs), upgrades, smooth changes to the displays)


Contact the right retail chain store equipment supplier

Sounds good, right? The condition is, of course, many years of experience and business credibility of a company that has a convincing portfolio too. At CAPS Group we check all the boxes. Contact us and find out how we can support your brand.

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