facility maintenance management offer What to consider when choosing a facility maintenance management offer? How to prepare for a conversation about important facts? And shorten the time of the decision-making process?

Efficient communication is the most important thing when talking to a supplier. And the key details are its foundation. Without them, a dangerous mix of common guesswork and serious understatement arises. And very often we add a pinch of the “curse of knowledge” – “I thought you knew this”…. And it turns out that we are thinking about something else. This is a recipe for a poor service.

That’s why we provide you the below useful step-by-step guide. If you are responsible for the efficient management of your store network, we believe you will surely appreciate our checklist. So here we go!


Facility maintenance management offer: data and parameters


analysing data for facility maintenance management offer


What information should I provide to the store maintenance provider? First of all, be specific! Here is a list of important issues that constitute the starting point for diagnosing real service needs.

1. List of store locations

This detail package should include country, city and exact addresses. Information should also be provided whether the store is located in a shopping mall, strip mall, or if it belongs to the free-standing category. This is a really important issue, because it determines such issues as access to the store resulting from, for example, opening hours, or logistics and organizational issues.

2. Size of each store in sqm/sqf

It’s worth providing specific or possibly the most approximate min-max sizes and or the average area of the store.

3. List of services needed

Sum up every technical service you want to have taken care of by your contractor. From current repairs, through a list of repair and maintenance works, HVAC, electrical, handyman, roller shutter and cleaning activities, to periodic inspections and services.

4. Historical data

A lot of information about the actual needs of the store will be provided by an inventory of how many reactive tickets volumes and repairs on demand took place in the last year (and previous years) at each of the stores. Also, to reflect the actual list of the demand for store maintenance services, it is worth preparing such a list broken down by months and a register of activities performed each day.

5. Scheduled inspections

A must-have element is also a register of all legal revisions and compliance works required per store.

6. Device register

Important information for the offer also comes from the register of equipment that are the subject of store maintenance services (eg. air conditioner, boiler, etc.) along with information about the make, model, quantities, etc.


Facility maintenance management offer: processes and procedures


The decision regarding the selection of specific store maintenance services should also be preceded by an analysis in terms of processes. This key issue will allow to define not only the scope, but also the nature of the service. Which questions should be turned into comprehensive answers? Here they are:

  • How do you currently raise a ticket? Is it done by e-mail, by phone? Or through your own system or platform of the current maintenance service provider?
  • What’s the process of accepting and processing ticket cost approval? Who accepts them? How often is this done? How are payments processed?
  • How’s the reporting process done currently?
  • What are any additional requests for standard and non-standard maintenance services?
  • Is there a desired response time for repairs, service or breakdowns you have?
  • Do you have an onboarding process of the new supplier of store maintenance services? Plus, what’s the period of introducing a new supplier or when it can take over the duties of its predecessor?


Your facility maintenance management offer exactly how you want it


“We provide comprehensive store maintenance services tailored to specific needs.” Any supplier can write this very quickly. It’s much more difficult to implement in practice. For this reason, it is worth paying attention to the supplier’s opinions and portfolio as well as examples that illustrate the level of services provided. Get in touch with us now and let’s find out how we can support the technical conditions of your stores across Europe!

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