Impulse shopping fixtures


The shop counter area should be one of the most important places for each retailer when you are planning store space. This is the place where your customers should finish their visit at the store and make a purchase. To achieve this result, retailers use many techniques that help a potential customer to find a way from the store entrance all the way around the store to a successful purchasing decision at the cash desk. Your shop fixtures and displays with your bestsellers have a huge impact on the potential final sale with each customer.

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The power of impulse shopping fixtures

When clients decide to buy your products and they are already at your store, is there anything else you can do to increase your sales? Even at the very last moment? Yes, you can! Research shows that most people, especially women, tend to make impulsive purchases if presented with an opportunity. It means they make a quick decision and add some extra products, usually “good-to-have” ones, to their basket as they approach the final checkout. That’s why well thought out shop displays around your store counter space is very important.

Advantages of well-designed store counter area at your shop

Increase your sales with VM data

The first and the most important advantage is increased sales. But if you want to do it well and achieve success, you should take care of what type of products you will put near your shop counter space. They should be small, low-cost, potentially some accessories, seasonal products or those “always useful” goods with a high margin. A systematic analysis of the average product rotation is worth doing regularly to understand which goods you should put around your store counter space.

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Ensure your merchandise rotation

Properly planned shop counter space might help you get rid of escess goods. Placing those products near the checkout with some eye-catching promotion may encourage extra purchasing, making space for the next items to sell.

Enhance your shopper experience at the finish line

Another aspect of well-designed space is a positive customer experience. Impulsive purchases give your customers an instant pleasure and it makes them feel like they got a gift. They have an argument to justify their choice, because “it was such a good bargain”. The time your customers will spend in the line will pass quickly and in a pleasant atmosphere. And, leaving your store, customers will be content and they will have positive associations with your business and brand in the future.

Impulse shopping furniture
Which store fixtures have more selling potential?

 There are many types of store displays that are used in the store counter zone. The most important ones are gondolas, shelved racks, POS counter displays and product baskets.

“Snake-like” impulse shopping fixtures

Some store chains go further and they decided to use display placing as a sales technique. They try to surround the client with products and induce purchasing. As an example, we can give TK Maxx. At their stores when customers are standing in the shop counter area they have to go through a “snake line” with many displays around. It increases the probability that clients take any of the offered products waiting for their turn to pay. What is also important, when we “close” customers in this checkout area we will make it difficult for them to resign from the purchase.

Use the relevant impulse shopping fixtures for your business

Choosing the right store displays depends mostly on the type of your shop and products you want to sell in the store counter area. POS counter displays are a perfect solution for beauty shops, perfumeries or jewelry stores. These sort of places that sell small products such as cosmetics, jewellery or supplements. Gondolas are mostly used at fashion stores to present accessories that people buy to complete their outfits. The most common options are product baskets and shelved racks. They are used everywhere from grocery stores, where you can put some snacks, medicines or chewing gums, to home accessories stores.

Store counter area that can generate money… in a nutshell

To sum up what you should remember while designing the shop counter area:

  • The checkout area is the place where people should finish their visit at your store. So, you should have it designed in a customer friendly and functional way.
  • The checkout is not only a place to make a payment, but also a sales space. Think, what type of store displays would be the best for your shop, but remember not only about products you have, but also the available space.
  • Take care of customers’ experience when they wait in line. Remember, the last minutes they spend at your store they will remember during the next visit.

If you are looking for an experienced partner to help you design your store in a thoughtful way, contact us. At CAPS we have an individual approach, because we understand the retail business and we know how unique each project can be.