Kids corner in retail

Have you ever taken a look at people around you during your shopping time? If you have, you probably noticed that there are a high proportion of consumers who shop with little children. They are very demanding customers for retailers. Having a kid with who expects your full attention at all times and becomes impatient very quickly does affect your clients’ shopping experience. They can’t focus on the “buying process” and searching the right product. Considering heading for the fitting room? With a kid or two in tow in most cases it’s not going to happen. As a result your potential customer will probably leave the store not thinking twice. To take care of this group of consumers you need to think about how to take care of the little ones. How about a kids corner in retail space of your store?

Taking care of the shopping experience should be a priority for every fashion store (but not the only one!). It’s not easy, because you need to take specific actions and follow the trends in the retail industry constantly. However, remember that your effort might bring you the increase in profits and  strengthen your brand perception.

Why should you think about the kids corner in retail during a store planning process?

Taking into account a play area in your store at the design stage will help you improve the quality of your consumer service. The grown-ups can leave their children in a safe place and focus on shopping. With this solution the relieved caretakers will certainly have a positive impact on your brand perception. It will also increase your revenue, as customers are more likely to choose your store instead of your competitors, knowing that they won’t have to shop in a hurry.

Store fixtures for kids corner

What should you keep in mind when designing a play area in your store?

  • Kid’s corner location in your store

The location of the children’s corner is extremely important from a parent’s perspective, so it should be important for you too. Both your customers and their children should feel safe and comfortable during the “separation”. Therefore, the best solution will be to place the corner in the central part of the store, near the shop counter, where the buyer will keep an eye on their child. However, remember to plan the place and size of the area so as not to disturb the path your customers will follow. Locating a corner in this area could affect the comfort of both buyers and children.

  • Store fixtures for a play corner

What your child’s corner will look like and what attractions will be there it is an individual question. It all depends on the budget and space available at your shop. However, it is certainly worth remembering about the right furniture, which is an integral part of most children’s corners. Pay attention to their fittings. The zone will be used by small children so provide the ultimate safe environment by for example choosing chairs and tables with rounded corners, smooth surfaces with no sharp elements.

  • Attractiveness of kids corner in retail

Your shop will be visited by parents with children of all ages. Try to provide entertainment for the youngest and slightly older ones. A good solution will be various types of interactive games and plays, which can be adjusted to be interesting for different age groups. What else do children love? Most would certainly choose to draw or follow their favorite Disney characters. That’s why an art corner or a TV set with fairy tales can be a universal solution for children of all ages. Of course there are many other possibilities.

If you have a large space, then an entire playground with slides or a pool with balls can be built. We are only limited by our imagination, so why not, for example, try to get a “in-store” beach in your shop? 🙂

Remember that the success of your store will mostly depend on the shopping experience you provide to your customers. Take their needs into account already during the design process.

At CAPS, we understand retail business and approach each customer individually. If you need a partner with experience who will take care of yours and your future customers’ needs – contact us!