Hot spot fixture

Running a successful, high performing store is a multi-level, complex operation. There are many factors that have a direct impact on your store performance, but some have much more than others.  The art of visual merchandising managed and followed up with the use of properly designed and installed store fixtures is certainly one of them. And here is where a hot spot fixture can play a key part in your sales revenues.

What is a hot spot? A hot spot, also called a focal point, is a key attention-grabbing point in a store that customers look at right after walking in or even before entering the store, noticing it from the shopping mall walkway. This is the moment, usually lasting a few seconds, which determines a customer’s decision whether they are interested in coming inside and having a closer look at your products or not.

Types of hot spots

Making the most of the hot spot for you requires some planning already when designing your store layout. Depending on your store size, shape and nature of your business there are a few types of common focal points:

  • Display windows
  • Store entrance or frontline
  • Demo zones
  • End caps
  • Bulk stacks
  • Various single presentation units or sets of display fixtures

There are a few zones in a store that present especially good selling opportunities compared to others. These are the areas where the exposure of your merchandise to the buyers is the best as the traffic here tends to be the heaviest. Naturally, the bigger the store space, the more hot spots you might want to consider. In most of the stores your hot spots are located close to the entrance of the store, luring the passing crowds to step inside the store. Even if you have a small store and this is the only hot spot you have or you have a few hot-spot locations across the store, this particular one is a must have.

What does a hot spot look like?

A well organised hot spot can become your silent salesperson, dramatically increasing your sales, so choose your setup wisely. Get the maximum benefits and plan your hot spot display based on your historic data and future trends and forecasts.

Hot spot is the place where you typically show your:

  • best-selling items,
  • latest promotions,
  • seasonal collections,
  • impulse shopping items,
  • high-margin merchandise.

Right hot spot combination for your store

Once you have decided what your hot spot will display, it is time to choose the right combination that will work for your business. To make your hot spot stand out, you might need powerful signage, graphics, displays or fixtures with a spectacular lighting arrangement to attract customer’s attention.

You also want to keep your display alive, fresh and impactful, so it is important to change it quite frequently. This should be included in your merchandising program and managed regularly to bring long-term results. Read more about visual merchandising (link to VM section)


Hot spot fixture options

If it comes to display fixtures, there is a whole variety of combinations to choose from when deciding on your hot spot. You can settle on one element only that stands out from other fixtures or decide on a whole display set. The most commonly used hot spots located frequently just in front of the entrance are:

  • Set of mannequins on stands
  • Mannequin(s) and display table
  • Set of various size and height display tables
  • Set of a gondola with presentation tables

Whatever your final selection of a hot spot composition is, the items need to work well with each other and ensure optimal product exposure to your merchandise. The fixtures need to be of good quality and manufactured based on the design in line with your brand identity. All this then can create a desirable background for your products and overall pleasant customer experience that shoppers will appreciate.

Hot spot fixture for customer convenience

Last but not least, a properly designed hot spot should make it easier for customers to find what they might be looking for. There is nothing worse for a shopper than feeling overwhelmed by the number of products displayed randomly, without logic to notice and follow. Plan and use your hot spots wisely and you will make it easier for you customers to browse through your merchandise in your store. You will improve their customer experience and your bottom line at one go.