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Grocery store shelving gondola

Store gondolas as a piece of store equipment are an integral part of the retail industry. They are used in many sectors: from clothing stores, supermarkets, to pharmacies or home improvement stores. As free-standing fixtures, they offer many possibilities. By choosing to work with store gondola shelving manufacturer you will gain the most!

Why working with gondola shelving manufacturer in Europe?

Saving store space

Optimization of store space especially when you own a small area is extremely valuable. That’s why choosing gondolas as fixtures to your store might come to the rescue. They make it possible to deploy a large number of products taking up relatively less space than, for example, wall-mounted racks.

Flexible store fixtures choice

Store gondolas from the manufacturer provide a huge flexibility. You decide about the form, size and location of the final gondolas design. This is especially important for discount stores or other stores that frequently change their assortment. So if you you have that kind of business where you constantly rearrange the space, this type of furniture makes it very easy to function.

Due to the construction of the gondola, it is quite easy to increase its height or width. Such an improvement is a very economical and quick way to adapt the sales area to needs.

More profit per square meter of store space

Good display of your products significantly increases the chances of better sales. Choosing a strategic location for your store gondola is the key. Add to that the right product exposition strategy and your excellent sales tool is ready!

shelving gondola manufacturer

Clothing store shelving gondola

Why is it worth buying store gondolas from a store fixtures manufacturer?

Safety first

Store gondolas and the rest of your store furniture should first and foremost meet a number of safety requirements. When choosing fixtures manufacturer to equip your store, you should consider its experience in such projects. And the permits and certificates it holds.

Health and safety rules, building regulations or certified materials are key issues to keep in mind when equipping your store. Otherwise, you may face unpleasant accidents threatening the life and health of your store’s staff and customers. And as a result, you may be punished with fines or financial compensation and a brand image crisis.

The optimal price? Only with gondola shelving manufacturer in Europe!

Working directly with a store furniture manufacturer is an economically right decision. This directly influence the price of your gondolas. Here is a number of reasons why.

First of all, you will certainly avoid the margin “thrown in” by the middleman. Besides, a store furniture manufacturer, especially a large one, buys materials for furniture production at much better prices. Plus, an experienced store fixtures manufacturer will be able to produce a model of store gondolas specifically for your business needs. He won’t “push” you what he just happens to have in stock.

Bespoke store fixtures

When you use the services of a professional store fixtures company, you can count on the solid experience of its team. From the design stage down to the furniture installation. The design of the fixtures, its production and installation should be tailored to your assumptions and needs. It must fit within your corporate investment budget, meet the requirements of the characteristics of your business and the location of each store. Plus, of course, support the desired brand image.

The customer service you expect

A reliable store furniture manufacturer should provide an account manager for your business who will guide you through the entire project process. Plus, effective, clear and systematic communication with this dedicated person for you. This will give you the confidence of a good choice every step of the way.

Your new gondola shelving manufacturer in Europe

At CAPS, we have been producing store fixtures, including store gondolas, for more than 15 years. We offer bespoke furniture design or will produce it to your specifications. View our portfolio, get inspired and contact us!