sustainable retail fixtures & POS displays


We all understand the importance of sustainability in our lives. This is especially critical in the retail industry where brands strive to develop and maintain a sustainable supply chain. Store fixtures and fittings are no exception here.

Let Mother Nature look with a friendly eye at your eco-friendly store furniture. And,let customers associate the green image of your brand in their heads when shopping in your stores.  And, finally, create the retail environment that complies with the principles of corporate social responsibility.

Read our article about the concept of ​​sustainable retail fixtures & POS displays that simultaneously guarantee maximum stylish functionality, durability plus promotional benefits related to environmental protection.

Why do customers appreciate sustainable retail fixtures?

Customers from most target groups and from different generations perceive companies that declare green values ​​much better.  Implementation of specific actions to protect the natural environment creates an even more positive differentiation with the competition.

However, representatives of Generation Z (people born after 1995), divide brands into those that are truly ecological and those that only declare their positive attitude towards green initiatives. The more global and leading brands, the higher the expectations.

Consumer expectatations towards retail brands today

Customers ask specific questions and demand that companies environmental protection activities will not be limited to pretty slogans, recycling or minimizing the carbon footprint. They expect concrete pro-ecological actions and solutions. In this context, sustainable retail fixtures & POS displays are a step in the right direction. Why? Today brands are required to:

  • meet customer requirements
  • make a real contribution to environmental protection
  • create and maintain a green brand image
  • give credibility to declarations of corporate social responsibility
  • provide important promotional and recruitment arguments

It goes without saying, of course, that sustainable retail fixtures & POS displays also must be:

  • well-thought out and optimally designed
  • functional
  • durable
  • attractive and ensuring excellent exposure of merchandise

The perfect mix in sustainable store fixtures & POS

Only a well-balanced synergy of ecology and the commercial elements makes shop furniture and displays become much more than just equipment for a retail space. Sustainability has to become a permanent part of the customer experience concept.

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What materials are in environment – friendly furniture and displays?

Ecological shop furniture and POS displays are made of environmentally neutral materials that contain a minimum amount of chemicals.

Importantly, in the production process of ecological furniture, the consumption of electricity and water is limited, and attempts are made to reduce CO2 emissions and carbon footprint (e.g. by using ecological transport).


Sustainable retail fixtures and POS displays

The manufacture of sustainable retail fixtures & POS most often uses:

  • materials from renewable sources (so-called sustainable store furniture) – e.g. furniture made of (reclaimed) wood, wicker, bamboo or seagrass,
  • materials such as 100% recycled/ recyclable acrylic or 100% recycled MDF boards
  • recycled store furniture from fragments not used in the production of traditional and ecological furniture – in line with the “zero waste” policy
  • certified wood compliant with FSC standards (wood from controlled logging coming from forests managed with respect for sustainable development) or PEFC standards
  • glass
  • ecological fabrics and ecological water-based varnish
  • and even coffee grounds!

Are sustainable store furniture and displays durable?

As usual, everything depends on the materials used and production technology. If the latter factor is at a high level, then ecological and sustainable shop furniture is as durable as traditional furniture. Nevertheless, care must be taken to maintain their quality and functional parameters so that they can survive several years of intensive use in good condition. Regular preventative and reactive maintenance are recommended also for fixtures, as a part of general FM program in your stores. Read more about our store maintenance services.

Manufacture of sustainable retail fixtures & POS displays – how to choose them?

A manufacturer of ecological furniture should, above all, be credible and have green projects in its portfolio. We at CAPS Group proudly belong to this category.

What makes us stand out?

  1. Our starting (base) materials are FSC certified.
  2. Many of our packaging materials are made from recycled materials (e.g. silk paper, cardboard).
  3. Our internal logistics team works hand in hand with our design team from the very beginning of each project to optimise packing solutions and transportation. We also aways try to consolidate shipments to reduce CO2 emissions.
  4. We have a program for calculating the dimensions of shipments and their optimal arrangement in transportation/truck. We try to organize combined transport wherever possible to minimize CO2 emissions.
  5. Where possible, we use flat packing to minimise carbon footprint.
  6. Items that we do not produce ourselves come from local suppliers whenever possible to also reduce CO2 emissions from transport.
  7. We carefully segregate and recycle waste resulting from our production.
  8. We remove outdated furniture from clients’ facilities and dispose of it sustainably.
  9. Our R&D team is involved in creating eco-design, proposing options for some furniture made of new, ecological materials.
  10. We have been researching, cooperating with our clients and developing eco-solutions for furniture and displays in the retail industry for over 15 years.
  11. We have developed 10 eco-designs of sustainable ecological furniture for our clients. Read here about one of our first sustainable POS display we were given POPAI Award for!
  12. We have delivered over 60,000 ecological furniture items and the number is constantly growing.


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