Will we forget traditional store environments sometime soon? Perhaps not in the near future. However, with the continuously upgraded technology and the urge to experience change in our life, customers expect brands to deliver new and exciting shopping experiences on their shop floor. (And online). That’s why new exciting pop-up stores and concept stores are getting more and more popular among the brands. Retailers strive to stand out from the crowd and demonstrate their creativity, very often engaging the customers as well.

Pop-up stores open suddenly and tend to exist for a short amount of time. Concept stores, on the other hand, incorporate new, experimental ideas to last longer. However, they both offer significant benefits for the shoppers. And ultimately, for the retailer.

Pop-up stores – stop by and… stay longer

What is so powerful about the pop-up store? Its temporary character. A customer has an opportunity to buy a limited edition of a product in its unique presentation and thus receiving an exceptional shopping experience. And, a customer has a limited time to make a decision when the pop-up store is here and now. And can be re-located somewhere else and eventually disappear altogether. This creates the feeling of urgency for a customer to look around and make a decision while visiting the store before it is gone. And, while planning this temporary space, a retailer can introduce and test ideas that otherwise wouldn’t be possible in a classic store.

Stores where services meet sales

The appearance and growing popularity of pop-up stores and concept stores is the consequence of the changes retail business has undergone. Gowing customer expectations, looking for new ideas to sell more, e-commerce development, shrinking commercial space – all these challenge retailers to stay on top of their game. They need to create new, often revolutionary customer experiences and combine together services and sales under the same roof.

Pop-up stores – customer experience first

As a result, instead of a classic sales floor a customer receives something more – an experience. When in an electronics store a customer can now play with the newest gadgets. Or enjoy a buffet while in a grocery store anddelicatessen. And seek the advice of a stylist while in a fashion store. Also, the possibility of trying out a product before buying it is a very compelling concept. A customer is engaged and feels that they chose right. And ultimately, their brand recognition is stronger. This solution is especially critical when a brand is just launching its offering to the market, is making some image strategy changes or is introducing a new product.

The possibilities of creating exceptional customer experiences when using pop-up stores and concept stores are endless. The most creative brands will succeed and stay in customers’ minds longer.