The ‘Wow Effect’ is priceless, both literally and figuratively. Why? Because focusing your customer’s attention and first impression are a key step in sales. Properly designed product stands, displays and promotional stands lead to a strong shopping impulse. This is the moment when people transform their interest in your product into the purchase decision.

The key issue in the design process is to adjust your store fixture displays to match good customer experience parameters. If you do that, you will achieve innovative solutions, such as bespoke and interactive store displays. In this article we present some examples of displays that effectively focus clients’ attention.


The store built-in touchscreen is your multimedia sales manager. Discreetly and effectively at the same time, it engages customers to browse special offers and selected products. This kind of display is one of the most attractive. And, the purchase of an store built-in touch screen is an investment for years.

Built-in touch screens, such as built into counters, multimedia tables, or standing/hanging panels are the most interactive form of product presentation. What’s important, they don’t only affect buyers’ shopping impulse, but also increase the positive customer experience.

Although store touch screens are becoming more and more popular, they still differentiate stores from the competition. What you should remember, interactive screens allow you to use any arrangement of the display. The screen size and functionality can be adjusted to the store profile, customer preferences and your shopping space.

interactive store displays


Built-in LCD screens display your current promotions, promo videos or other content. They area  a perfect complement to the shopping area. An image that shows how your customers can use the product, at the same time affects clients’ imagination. And stays in their mind for longer. As with touch screens, built-in LCD screens can be flexibly adjusted to the type of display and space.

Check out an example of the use of build-in LED screens in a Harley-Davidson showroom


Illuminated POS display is a popular element used in many stores. No wonder, because LED backlighting is up to eight times more noticeable than typical advertising. Backlit displays can take almost any form and shape. It is important to leave the color and light intensity to specialists, because properly selected type of lighting guarantees attention and interest of your customers.

Moreover, you can choose to illuminate the whole display or spotlight single elements. Besides, illuminated POS stands using LED technology are the most energy-efficient illuminated advertising. In practice, this means effective cost optimization.


We created an illuminated POS display for the glasses collection in the chain of KRYS optical stores in France. According to the guidelines, we designed and manufactured a battery powered display. The dibond got a wave shape and we separated two zones of the display:

  • The first one presents models in the natural light
  • The second one activates the fluorescent pigment of the glasses on the illuminated surface of the case

Our innovative design was awarded the prestigious POPAI Gold award in France in 2014.

Check our illuminated POS display of the glasses collection

build-in_store_displays_for_optician_shops INTERACTIVE STORE DISPLAYS – LED ADVERTISING PANEL

LED advertising panel is another ‘must-have’ for any store that wants to focus customer attention. However, success often lies in the details and an innovative approach to standard display solutions. A good example of a creative approach to LED advertising panels is an interactive POS for hair cosmetics. We have created such a project for INOA hair salons, winning the prestigious Gold POPAI award in France in 2012.



What was the innovation of the project? In short, the panel placed on the counter and equipped with LED lighting plays the role of an advertisement. And then it turns into a mirror. One one hand, it fulfills a promotional role. And, additionally, is useful in everyday work of stylists and hairdressers.

Check out the promotional panel we did for INOA hair showrooms


We’ll use our advanced visual merchandising expertise to increase your stores sales. Contact us to change your store display elements into effective sales people!