In October we held our third Designing Customer Experience (DCE) workshop in Poznan.  The aim of the workshop was to educate our attendees about the importance of store design and to understand the customer’s shopping experience, including the emotions and behaviour a customer experiences during the various stages of the purchasing process.  Our guests also learnt about the current trends in customer experience and how successful retailers tailor their stores to improve this.

Joanna Bociąg (Branch Brothers), Austin Campbell and Maciej Cegłowski (both CAPS Group) opened the meeting with a lecture about the ‘Emotional ABC’, during which they told guests about how the customer’s emotions influence their decisions at every stage of the purchasing process (before, during, and after).

We welcomed back Thomas Miller as our guest speaker, creator of the brand Miller Spirits & Style, who talked about how to create the best customer experience in the luxury product market. Thomas emphasized the importance of the various channels of communication, both with existing and potential customers, and the proper design of the store environment.

We would like to thank all the participants for coming and actively participating in our workshop.  For more information about the DCE initiative, please visit our website: