Designing Customer Experience (‘DCE’) is a series of workshops which CAPS jointly organises together with Branch Brothers, a Poznan, Poland based shopping experience consultancy. This first meeting of DCE was organized at the renowned Concordia Design Centre in Poznan. The experience of both companies allowed to show how to design and arrange shops in order to make the most efficient use of space, and finally – to increase sales. The starting point of the meeting were the changing rooms in shops. For this purpose we have designed, manufactured and installed a fitting room, which could comment on and improve in the course of the event, as well it was the inspired to create the perfect dressing room. The event was attended mostly by architects and marketing professionals.

For this event we prepared special wooden clipboards made on the new 5-axis CNC in our factory for each of the participants. These drew a lot of interest at the workshop because of their unique curves and design, which are possible through using the specialised 5-axis machine.

The meeting was very well received by the participants, so next year we will continue with the second edition of Designing Customer Experience. You can follow this project on Facebook:

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