For 25 years, the „Stowarzyszenie na TAK” has been a leader in charitable activities for children and adults with severe intellectual disabilities. The association runs a full private school network for disabled children along with a variety of other programming. Most recently, thanks to the efforts of this association, the short stay home “Poranek” was started.. The short stay house is designed for both children and adults, with a particular focus on the individuals with the most severe disabilities. The house will be particularly dedicated to families who temporarily are not able to independently provide appropriate care for their loved ones.
„Poranek” will guarantee guests professional help for a period of three weeks, tailored to the degree of a their disability.
CAPS also decided to support this project. We have committed to fully furnish three kitchenettes located on each floor of „Poranek”. In the past, CAPS also supported other projects of the Stowarzyszenie na TAK, including Zakątek School, which was also fitted CAPS furniture in its kitchens and part of the teaching rooms.
The short stay house is a historical villa that was left to the association by a doctor from Poznan. Her will was that after her death the house was to be used to help people with disabilities.
Conversion of the building for the purposes of the Stowarzyszenie na TAK is now almost complete. The official opening of the “Poranek” was held on 3 April 2014 and was attended by, among others, the mayor of Poznan, Ryszard Grobelny.