We have officially kicked off the SAP Business One implementation process at CAPS. This ERP system is dedicated to small and medium size businesses.

“For us at CAPS, with our strong growth and expansion every year, this is a natural step to take. It will help us streamline our operations and increase our efficiency” states Austin Campbell, CAPS Group Managing Director.

Such a serious undertaking calls for a well prepared framework. We have set up a CAPS SAP Squad; a team of internal experts and  prospective key users from across our company in order to ensure a proper SAP Business One implementation. SNP Poland have been selected as our consultants to guide us through the process up to completion.

“We understand very well that there are months of intensive work ahead of us.  However, as they say, ‘no pain no gain’! And there is a lot to gain across all business functions, leading to an overall improved company efficiency. I strongly believe we have the right people in our team to make this happen.” – concluded Austin Campbell.