Store fixtures and fittings for fashion brands

Retailers’ decision to choose their brand’s store fixtures and fittings depends not only on the brand’s assortment. It is also important to take into account how the sales space is arranged. A place designed without any thought, together with an excessive amount of exhibited goods, will quickly and consistently discourage shopping.

The feeling that should accompany customers in a clothing store is comfort. Buyers want not only to buy new clothes. They also expect to enjoy shopping. That’s why you should provide them with a proper customer experience. To make the customers feel good inside the store, it is important to design its space with store fixtures and fittings properly.

The role of store fixtures and fittings in your store

The most important element in the arrangement of the store is the furniture. The appearance and fittings will decide whether the space is welcoming to the  potential customers. As a store fixtures manufacturer, we know very well what elements should be placed in the interior of your store to move around freely. Remember that your store fixtures should be the background for the presented products and not compete with them.

Shop counter as the store’s showcase

The basic store fixtures, which make a positive visual and functional impact, certainly include original, aesthetically pleasing counters. And these should encourage the contact with the seller and finalise the purchase. This is the final step on customers’ shopping path where they buy your products. So, it is worth designing this space well. See one of our tailor-made counters made for Harley-Davidson brand.

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Store fixtures and fittings

Thoughtful perimeter display unit in the store

A lot of attention should be paid to the design and functionality of the wall-mounted fixtures and shelves, on which clothes, clothing accessories and other accessories will be placed. The choice of specific dimensions and capacities of store fixtures can’t be accidental, It should ideally match the displayed offer of a given brand. It is also important to select a proper material and finish for the fixtures. Make sure they will are both functional and create a proper background for the presented merchandise.

Shop display that catches the eye

Inventive display units for clothes on hangers and multifunctional store gondolas for the display of other goods have a very important task. They are here to  to attract the attention of potential buyers and keep them for longer inside the store. Often customers, especially when they are in a hurry, simply scan the display space in the store. And getting and holding their attention can be challenging.

Comfortable fitting room in the fashion store

Unfortunately, the changing room space is still being overlooked in some fashion stores. And nothing discourages more than a repulsive or non-functional fitting room when you’re trying clothes on. You should make sure that the fitting room is properly designed and equipped to provide comfort, convenience and intimacy for the customer. There should be hangers for hanging clothes, And achair or pouffe to make changing easier. It is also important to have a mirror in the right size and good, flattering lighting, as well as to provide effective cover e.g in the form of the door. If it is a traditional curtain, make sure to cover the whole entrance to the fitting room.

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Choose store fixtures and fittings suitable for your clothing brand

It should also be remembered that store fixtures presenting the offer of your fashion stores should fit the profile and the desired brand image. For example, in points of sale with youth clothing and exclusive women’s fashion, equipment in darker shades will definitely look good. And, in jewelry shops, bright, reflective finishing elements such as lacquered surfaces or glass will be more effective. It is also worth keeping in mind the principle: less is more. Even a small space will seem spacious and functional to customers if the equipment of a clothing store is limited to a few of the most necessary elements. The commitment of the designer and the manufacturer of store fixtures is a guarantee of a comprehensive solution. The solution that is dedicated to the needs of a specific space and a group of customers who will be regular visitors to the shop.

At CAPS, we design, manufacture and install fixtures and fittings adjusted to individual customer needs, providing solutions that work.